About Alicia...

Alicia Cully is an up and coming young American artist whose work with colored stains on wood is breaking new ground with form, texture, and vibrancy.

Alicia Cully- Visual Artist/Gallery Founder

Through an inspiration from the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, Alicia began experimenting with various wood stains on a number of untreated lumber surfaces, such as plywood and oak, to capture the beauty and elegance of pulsating blossoms that burst with color.  In addition, the grains in the wood also accentuate the images through the stains giving them a richness that is unique and unusual from more traditional paintings using oil or watercolor.


Alicia’s personal art education began during her college years when she earned her bachelor’s degree in secondary education with an emphasis on visual arts and language arts.  Her love of art cultivated pre graduation as she began studying photography, clay, and acrylic paint; which honed her innovative talent to discover new ways of detailing the intricacies of her subjects. Her focus is incorporating the spiritual meaning in the Fibonacci Sequence and Reiki to add more depth to her subjects, engendering a transcendent spiritual quality to her work.


In Alicia’s budding career, she dove into the positions as Vice President of the Artist Guild of Columbia County  and Became a board member and Liaison of the Columbia County Arts Council Evans, Georgia. Her activity as a member of the Board of Directors in The Greater Augusta Arts Council in Augusta, GA, is generating a buzz in the CSRA art community, and opened doorways into teaching classes at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art.

These involvements, along with her entry in the Art PRize 7,  Palm Beach Art Fair,  Clio Art Fair, Spectrum Miami, Art Basel are paving the way in the development of this new and un-traversed Medium, allowing her invitations to multiple national and Internationally curated shows. acully@aliciacullyart.com